Around Sarajevo in 90 Days BiH 07 travnja, 2021
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Nobel Corporation - private collection

Nobel Corporation's consistency in the innovative, sometimes even extremely original, marketing does not cease. From the recent jumps over the egyptian pyramids they have landed on the streets of Sarajevo.


Consistency in the moment when many companies calculate each cent for marketing and do not even think of taking a risk in the situation we have been in for more than a year.

At a time when there is a fight for predominance between the content and visuals, Nobel has decided on subconsciousness as the strongest psychological trigger.

We live our lives daily, we pass the streets, we meet people while our brain is processing information, and most of them go to the subconsciousness.



Suddenly, we see a product, a message or a solution for a problem in our lives, and it seems familiar and trustworthy.

The French brand Atlantic has been a synonym for safety, trust, affiliation for a very long time.

In the last 20 years, it can be found in the homes of many families in Sarajevo, even as the basic heating system of the second generation with the same last name.

People change, generations pass, the quality does not change.



As the title holder for the world's electric heating of the highest quality and as the winner of many prizes for their innovative products, Atlantic does deserve the most original marketing there is.

Once again, their general representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nobel Corporation from Mostar, has made this possible for them.

For 90 days the residents of Sarajevo can see Premium solutions for the heating on a cute streetcar in the Atlantic's corporate colors.

The best are always in the centre of attention, so this streetcar draws attention on the busiest street and in the centre of Sarajevo.



On the other hand, Nobels conditio sine qua non (a condition without which it could not be) is the preservation of waters, environment and its most important factor, human being.

For almost 22 years the existence of Nobel is based on the daily education on the benefits from the filtered water, as well as the organisation of a quality service that covers whole Bosnia and Herzegovina, so that their users could have the primary substance for the right functioning of a human body - clear and healthy water.



The above mentioned streetcar expresses this as well: Build a filter in, don't be a filter.

The messages that both Nobel and Atlantic wanted to convey to the residents of Sarajevo are the values that have determined our lives in the last year: the warmth of home and health.

This is a special message for the residents of Sarajevo: "During all these years you have been supporting us by buying and using our products. French writer Jules Verne traveled the whole world in 80 days.We will be in your city for 90. We congratulate you the Day of city Sarajevo and we wish that you celebrare the next one in a better atmosphere. Greetings from Paris and Mostar."

Atlantic - Heat is Life

Nobel – Solutions for a good life

Where did Nobel land in Sarajevo from and what was it like to jump over the pyramids you can read here:


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