Valuable recognition for Nobel Corporation Mostar
Manager BiH 01 srpnja, 2023

For the second time, Nobel Corporation is a finalist of the SDG Business Pioneers Award, awarded by UNDP, in partnership with Foreign trade Chamber of Bosnia and herzegovina, through the ZAMISLI 2030 project and financed by the Kingdom of Sweden. This award did not come by chance - it represents the continuing series of recognitions for our work.

Nobel's excellent results has achieved through continuous education, operational excellence and innovation, and highly energy efficient products. In addition to our standard programs, in the last two years, we have presented and implemented several new projects to the public. Along with their presentation, we will remind you of some earlier ones.


• Through our new project - Ecofriend savings revolution, we proved how much money, together with the state, we are literally throwing down the drain due to the irresponsible use of precious resources. It is about tens of millions of marks in just one year. We are especially proud because we do it without anyone's support. Every change starts with us, and if you want to change something, please look at, preferably on a screen larger than a mobile phone. Ecofriend is Nobel's own brand, unique in the region. These products directly enable saving of water and energy and reduces harmful C02 emissions during the daily use of sanitary water. Saving of receurses are 30-70%. It should be the mandatory equipment in every hotel, camp, motel, nursing home, kindergarten, school and every household. It returns investment in a few months.


• Apartment accommodation Five Rivers, located in the heart of Mostar, is the first Eco Friend facility in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is equipped with top solutions for saving water and energy, filtering water, means for hygiene on an ecological basis and bins for separate waste. According to environmental standards, we meets the Bike Friendly standard. Five Rivers tells the story of five Herzegovina rivers arround Mostar. Neretva, Radobolja, Buna, Bunica and Trebižat are the names of apartments in the heart of Mostar that will not leave any guest indifferent.

• Through the our sister company - Ecofriend, we opened the first water filter boutique in the Republic of Croatia this year. Our clients in the neighboring country are, among others, large hotel chains that need to reduce their carbon footprint.


Workshop in Croatia

ACS TORNADO is a new and revolutionary ecological cleaning technology. It is used for removing graffiti from all possible surfaces, for restoration of cultural monuments, burned rooms, as well as for removing impurities from all other materials; stone, wood, metal, plastic, ceramic. And all this WITHOUT a water, WITHOUT chemicals, WITHOUT high pressure, WITHOUT protection at work, WITHOUT training for work, WITHOUT special suits or vehicles, WITHOUT protection for bystanders. In addition to cleaning, it can engrave any image on any surface. Nobel is an authorized representative for the region of 8 countries, and through this program we cooperate with municipalities, utility companies and companies that deal with maintenance, cleaning or housing management.

• Systems for filtering and treating water are present in many thousands of homes and companies from all industry areas, hospitals, medicine institutions... The technologies that Nobel applies in the BiH market serve to preserve the user's health, save resources, protect production processes, facilities, installations and machines which are in contact with water. All activities undertaken by Nobel, since the founding of the company, are oriented towards ensuring quality drinking or technological water, environmental protection and ecology in general.


• Atlantic radiators have ecological passports, do not dry out the air and are the smallest consumers in their industry. In the competition of 60+ different brands of convectors in BiH for 27 years, Atlantic has been the leader with the majority share on the market, all the time with Nobel as a certified partner and importer.


• Steatite technology, patented and unique in Europe, implemented in Atlantic boilers, prevents the accumulation of scale on the heater, reduces energy consumption, has higher efficiency with fewer breakdowns and contributes to a longer service life. The first smart boilers on the European market.

• Several times we have organized events and projects related to World Water Day with public health institutes. The projects were oriented towards kindergartens and schools in order to cultivate the culture of environmental protection among the youngest, through artistic and literary works on the theme of water, the planet, and environmental protection.

• We participated in the publication of the university textbook "Introduction to Environmentally Sustainable Development" published by the University of Mostar and written by eminent domestic experts in this field.


• We have installed free high-quality filtration systems at more than a hundred addresses of socially disadvantaged private and legal entities that needed clean water. We are taking care of maintenance and service of those systems for life.

• For its birthday, we presented the city of Mostar the restoration of the monument dedicated to Nobel Prize winners in the city center, with ACS technology, where over 1,000 citizens volunteered with us.


• For 20 years, Nobel has been present at all important fairs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Topics of presentations are water and environmental pollution, reduction of energy consumption and CO2, as well as solutions for these problems. Over two decades, countless times, by organizing or attending professional and direct presentations, seminars, round tables, educational events, cooperation with health institutes, schools, hospitals and the media, we have contributed to raising general environmental awareness to a higher level.


• Finally, all our activities, as well as activities of the wider business community, we are representing through the business portal, whose business policy does not allow the publication of bad news, news from politics and black chronicles. We publish only positive news with a focus on economy and ecology. Since this year, our is the official media partner of the Croatian Business Club in Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose members include prominent Croatian and Bosnian companies.


Respecting a high level of professionalism and ethics, respecting our business partners, customers, users and especially our employees, taking into account broader social interests, we strive to represent a strong support for the improvement of environmental protection and a better quality of life. Our mission, goal and vision are "Strive to be better every day than yesterday!" which is an excellent driver and motivator for us, accepted and implemented by all employees of the Nobel and its sister companies.


This award has special importance for us because, regardless of the activity, size and form of ownership, it ensures the conditions for small and medium-sized companies to compete with those from big business. We would like to thank the jury and organizers on behalf of the management and employees of Nobel Corporation Mostar.

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